BBK Mediateka

This mediathèque feeds your curiosity. It is a place where you can use your senses to travel, with simultaneous activities for all audiences. A place with a different offer of culture. You have access to all information and knowledge in multimedia supports to satisfy your interest. 4,000 m2 of space for culture, knowledge in collections with a range of supports, plus activities.

You can take a look at art books, listen to music, just read the paper, work on your languages, experiment with new technologies, video games etc. The BBK Mediateka at the Azkuna Centre is an interdisciplinary library with a collection centred on modernity, on multimedia supports and on special collections (comics, health and wellness, leisure and hobbies, literature in several languages etc.). You can also borrow books, CDs and DVDs. This is a new kind of library, keen to provide everyone with a different range of leisure and culture options.

The Mediateka has two areas:  Txikiland and Gaztehók.

The first area is for children; some 8,000 volumes in different supports, specially adapted for them. In this area families can be with their children as they discover reading, with a space for information on children’s growth, child psychology or other issues that may concern them in relation to the intellectual, physical and emotional development of their sons and daughters. Txikiland is the BBK Mediateka’s children’s area.

The BBK Mediateka’s Gaztehók area is an information/communication area for the young people of Bilbao, a place where those between school-leaving age and actual employment have a space with information services focusing on their main demands (accommodation, jobs, health, travel etc.). It has activities on skills development, centring most especially on information and communication technologies, with a culture programme for this particular group.

  • Surface area: 4.000 m2, 3 storeys.
  • Collections: Over 50,000 documents in various media.
  • Facilities: over 250 spaces for consultation and reading, self-learning booths, international TV, computers etc.
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