BBK Music Legends

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BBK Music Legends Festival is a music festival with various creative and gastronomic spaces for all kinds of audiences at the Ola Centre in Sondika. Another of its priorities is to promote sustainability and the environment with messages relating to ecology, recycling and encouragement of the use of public transport. The festival is part of BBK’s desire to assist cohesion and social integration. The event uses music, art and culture to connect with different audiences, stimulate reflection and enter into dialogue with local people.

The origins of the festival go back to the Music Legends concerts organised by “Sala BBK” since 2011, which featured stars such as John Cale, Eric Burdon, Johnny Winter, Manfred Mann, Leon Russel, Jackson Browne, Bill Wyman, Marianne Faithfull, Rickie Lee Jones, Booker T. Jones, John Mayall and Allen Toussaint.


Goietxa Bidea, 18, Izartza, Bizkaia

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