Bilbao Arte

A look at creation. An in-depth look at the mysteries of the art of creativity. Artists compare their gaze with the world. The eyes are the canvas, thought is the brush, and Bilbao Arte is the creative space.

The Bilbao Arte contemporary art centre is the focus of all artistic gazes. It is located in the site of the old Urazurrutia schools, in the street of the same name in the district of Bilbao La Vieja. Here young creators will find all the means and infrastructure they need to produce their artistic creations: available space, etching and silk screen workshops, digital image, sculpture, photography, film sets, a documentation centre and project rooms. Grants, courses and seminars to professionalise up-and-coming artists and provide them with hi-tech, with modern infrastructures for the artistic community.

A genuine space for artistic creation, with:

  • Exhibition room, equipped for any kind of artistic activity, from more traditional works to installations, projections, performances etc.
  • 12 spaces or studio for artistic projects
  • Workshops: photography, sculpture, etching, silk screen printing, new technology, film set … the workshops are equipped with all kinds of machinery and devices for art work. Specialist personnel are also available to advise users, and ensure the infrastructures are used properly
  • Conference room
  • Project rooms
  • Library-cafeteria: this has a permanently updated collection of periodicals and many other publications and catalogues on various artistic disciplines. Users may consult Internet, watch videos, consult the daily press or find out about competitions, grants and other national and/or international artistic-cultural activities

Urazurrutia, 32. 48003 Bilbao

Phone numbers

94 415 50 97


Centre: Monday to Friday, 09:00 h – 21:00 h.
Closed on public holidays and at Christmas.

Exhibition hall: (when an exhibition is on) Monday to Friday, 17:30 h – 20:30 h.

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