Guggenheim Museum

A worldwide artistic reference. A titanium heart creating its own beat. Economic vitality and the creator of one of the most beautiful metamorphoses in the history of cities, of which we feel very much a part.

We see the future in a different way. Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum is the colour of the future, and BBK believes in the future.

One of the objectives in our historical collaboration with the Museum is to come up with new innovative creative programmes to enhance knowledge and understanding of contemporary art, to bring it to all kinds of audiences and to promote social and economic development in Bizkaia. The agreement continues to produce schemes such as the “Artez busti” initiative with audio tours, guided tours, information, educational spaces and apps for mobile phones, to give the general public a satisfying, enriching experience, in line with their profiles and interests.

BBK also has a programme known as “Artea ikasbide” to help people learn from art. For almost fifteen years it has enhanced primary school education with dialogue on arts and artistic creation, with the assistance of artists and educators at the Museum.

BBK is also responsible for social initiatives such as guided tours for the disabled or for disfavoured groups, or activities alongside the children’s wards at Basurto and Cruces hospitals.

Finally, the agreement means BBK can lend a hand with social and cultural events targeting different groups, with the constant objective of taking art to each group, in the most suitable and attractive manner possible; the initiatives include children’s Christmas programmes, or the Guggenheim Museum Nights, when the Museum opens at night with live jazz music during the annual fiestas, Aste Nagusia.


Avenida Abandoibarra, 2, 48009 Bilbao

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944 35 90 00 (office hours)

944 35 90 80 (Museum hours)


Tuesday to Friday, 10:00 h – 20:00 h

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