BBK Bizi

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BBK Bizi is an assistance programme for families with children suffering serious illnesses, calling for operations or hospital care beyond their area of residence. These are situations in which the children must inevitably be moved to other locations, and families must mobilise.

By providing 2 flats belonging to the Sarriko Centre, BBK helps families requiring the facility to secure accommodation and stay together in such complicated circumstances. A temporary home to ease their children’s hospitalisation, with the benefits this entails for their recovery process, and contact between families and the medical team treating their children.

The Bizi project is a BBK project, with the cooperation of Cruces Hospital and Vitalitas. The hospital establishes criteria in terms of urgency and necessity for BBK to provide families with the temporary accommodation facilities. Vitalitas is tasked with managing the building with the BBK Bizi flats.

Phone numbers

94 685 94 00

Contact address

Gran Vía 19-21, 1º, Bilbao

BBK Centre, Sarriko, address

Avenida Lehendakari Agirre 137, Bilbao

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