The BBK Bilbao Good Hostel is Bilbao’s first hostel managed by people with disabilities. Assistance for disability and dependence has been one of BBK’s main Social Projects for over 60 years, across a range of schemes. We believe that help and assistance for people with disabilities – physical and mental – are necessary to provide them with access to full social and employment integration, the true objective of the scheme. Our BBK Bilbao Good Hostel commitment, among other programmes, forms part of this context. The facility supported by BBK is a hostel in Bolueta which is completely managed by people with disabilities from Lantegi Batuak, and it has been operational for five years.

The project’s initial investment package was a specific contribution of 1.6 million euros by BBK, which also provided the Lantegi Batuak association with the building to set up Bizkaia’s first occupational centre for the disabled.

For BBK, the BBK Bilbao Good Hostel was a new opportunity to take part in a project focusing on employment integration for the disabled, and to make a contribution to an innovative adapted-tourism initiative. It also demonstrates that, with the necessary economic support and proper training, people with disabilities are just like any other employees, who can carry through a successful project and make it a genuine European benchmark for adapted tourism.

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