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BBK continues its commitment to help entrepreneurs with initiatives, providing assistance and funding the creation of new companies. The Mundualdatu programme gives new business projects and business ideas in Bizkaia a new tool to assist with deployment.

The Mundualdatu programme has 2.5 million euros to support, assist and fund new business opportunities over the next 5 years. The initiative focuses on two different groups – entrepreneurs who have not yet started up their business, and companies that have been operational for less than two years and have still to consolidate their business.

Mundualdatu forms part of BBK’s Strategic Plan, in which the main criteria are capacitation and job creation. These goals are in line with the targets set by BBK, which sets out to assist various economic agents and new business initiatives.

The following companies received economic assistance from BBK on the programme last year: Aquadat, Kasitoko, Fit4bike, Insulae and FractalMed.

  • May – September (inclusive). Compilation of proposals and Personal Interviews in relation to projects particularly suited to the scheme.
  • September – October (inclusive). In-depth survey and negotiation of terms and conditions.
  • November – December (inclusive). Investment Committee and finalisation of operations.
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