BBK Urdaibai Centre

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The BBK Urdaibai Centre, which was built in 1925 in Busturia, welcomes over 5,000 children every year for the Summer Camps and Educational Programmes organised by BBK.

At the outset, the aim of the BBK Urdaibai Centre was to contribute to a pioneering project to improve the health of children in Bizkaia. Today, after several internal changes and the modernisation of the facilities, the Centre aims to promote education based on the values of equality and respect among the young people of Bizkaia, and respect for the environment. To this end, BBK annually issues several calls where schools and families can register for the Bardin and Jagon educational programmes, CEEP environmental education and the summer camps.

Characteristics and facilities of the BBK Urdaibai Centre

All of the activities organised at the BBK Urdaibai Centre share certain recreational and educational characteristics. They promote coexistence, relationships between equals, healthy living, creativity and participation, among many other values.

Participants in the programmes and at the summer camps can enjoy the centre’s sports and training facilities spread over 8 hectares thanks to the unbeatable location of the Urdaibai Centre on the Mundaka estuary. The summer camps also try to promote a work-life balance during the summer months.

Some of the activities that the young people attending the programmes can do at the centre are:

  • Water sports, such as sailing, surfing and rowing
  • Outdoor sports, such as football, swimming, pelota, zip-lining and basketball
  • Escape Rooms under the theme “Euskal Herria” (the Basque Country)