BBK Educational Programmes

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In its commitment to education and as part of its strategic plan, BBK is developing training programmes in Bizkaia with the aim of disseminating values such as equality and respect among young people. In addition, annual environmental education programmes are also being developed in the area of education, with the aim of raising awareness of the coherent use of resources in our environment.

BBK’s educational programmes are intended to raise awareness and consciousness in Bizkaian society based on a good coexistence within the diversity that characterises us. Below, we describe the three BBK educational programmes in which all schools in Bizkaia can take part if they register beforehand.

  • BBK Bardin: as part of the Crush to Crush campaign against male violence launched in 2018, BBK initiated a new project in 2019 aimed at promoting gender equality and respect among young people in Bizkaia.
  • BBK Jagon: a program that BBK has been developing since 2017 aimed at raising awareness of the effects of bullying. With these workshops, the students taking part in the programme will be provided with tools and techniques to help them identify and prevent situations of bullying and cyberbullying in schools in Bizkaia.
  • CEEP environmental education: the Pedernales School Experimentation Centre, built in 1982, gives annual courses and practical workshops to primary and secondary students aimed at promoting a change in individual and collective environmental action through a training model based on coexistence.

Registration for BBK’s educational programmes can be done through bbkytu. Once the registration process for the 2020 courses has begun, it will be published on this website and on BBK’s social networks.