Infant schools

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Families’ needs have changed. Nowadays, achieving a family-work balance is a complicated business. BBK’s Infant Schools make it easier to adapt to the pace of the new age. They are, have been and always will be an essential feature of BBK.

At the Infant Schools we take care of your children, we teach them, and we are also taking care of you and your own welfare. This is our response to a social necessity. We strive to give you the necessary balance between your personal life and your profession. The task of our education professionals is to ease your working life. Their work is to teach and care for those you hold most dear. In this way, we all make a contribution to social welfare, which is for everyone.

BBK gives you the chance to make work and family compatible.


The origins of the Infant Schools go back to the early 20th century. In the first few months of 1929 the Savings Bank took the decision to undertake the municipal home “Gota de Leche” services run by the organisation’s doctor, José Entrecanales, and soon afterwards it also undertook the San Antonio “Cradle House” in Urazurrutia, a crèche which was to form part of the Working Women’s Association. In the same year the Bank undertook two further projects, a new crèche and a medical service for infants in Bermeo, known as the “Children’s House”, and a “Family House”, a women’s residence which came to be known as Villa de Bilbao, run by the same order of nuns who managed the Pedernales residence.