Urdaibai Bird Center

The Urdaibai Bird Centre is a window looking out on nature. An observatory in the wetlands on the East Atlantic migratory routes, with facilities that constitute a European benchmark. A space at the disposal of science, for everyone’s enjoyment. All we did was provide the facilities, and nature did the rest.

We invite you to visit this incredible place right at the heart of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, an incomparable backdrop for this living museum of nature. A place given over to researching birdlife and migration, at a unique location. It is a living entity, where no day is the same as the next. Every day dawns with a question mark. The pace of every day is marked out by the flapping of birds’ wings.

The Urdaibai Bird Centre is run by the Aranzadi Scientific Society, to research and document birdlife, migrations and habitats. It coordinates various research and documentation teams, to make visitors the privileged witnesses of bird projects in progress. A privileged location to gain the best possible insight into nature.


Aranzadi Scientific Society

Orueta 7. Gautegiz Arteaga

48314 Bizkaia

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94 625 11 57

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