Entrepreneurship We are moving along a path to drive proximity, wealth and leadership in our territory. This will give us better welfare, more jobs and more stability.
Social impact on entrepreneurship

At BBK we are working to boost growth in our province by providing complementary support for the education system and science and with projects that have a social impact on employment and entrepreneurship.

As far as entrepreneurship is concerned, we want to play the leading role in the creation of a social entrepreneurship and investment eco-system that makes an impact based on sustainable development goals. We understand support for entrepreneurship to be a process in which four well defined steps take shape, and in which BBK has aimed to include different projects in each one of these stages that we have identified. A first phase based on inspiration, with a collaborative community. A second one, in which we create the conditions to provide a business model for the ideas that encourage social change. A third one, in which we boost companies and social projects with development potential, both in Bizkaia and internationally. And a final one in which we favour the securing of economic resources and we provide support for established companies with a high degree of social impact and scalability.

Right from the beginning we have also supported talent and employment with numerous grants with which we aim to encourage labour-market integration or professional specialization through vocational training and we have supported the research system in Bizkaia.