BBK aid programme

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The BBK Aid Programme, operational since 2001, assists social projects in all areas of activity in which BBK is involved, set in motion by non-profitmaking associations or other organisations such as insertion entities, special employment centres or social-initiative cooperatives. In short, companies that encourage and implement social and economic innovation projects to assist with development in Bizkaia.

Areas of activity on the BBK Aid Programme

  • Economy and employment: BBK funds projects in relation to the economy and employment to drive local projects, wealth and economic leadership, research in Bizkaia on a variety of internships and training at companies, fostering high-quality employment and corporate stability.
  • Cultural support: BBK aid sets out to provide more cultural support for organisations and associations in Bizkaia helping to raise awareness of various aspects of culture and mother tongue. This includes all educational activities in relation to families and their children.
  • • Dependence and disability: The BBK Foundation provides assistance for associations and organisations in Bizkaia to further inclusion projects and raise awareness among the people of Bizkaia.
  • Social inclusion: BBK supports projects in Bizkaia in order to make a contribution to the social and/or employment integration of people with a risk of exclusion.
  • Our elderly: The BBK Foundation works with social entities to organise and publicise activities promoting healthy habits, autonomy and self-esteem among people over 55 years old, assisting with interpersonal relations and social participation.

All projects seeking assistance from BBK must be in accordance with the strategic lines of the Foundation, and with the scope of action defined. They must also be innovative and make a contribution to social impact in Bizkaia. Priority will also be given to the visibility of the project and BBK’s cooperation with the organisation.

Applications for the BBK Aid Programme

Applicants must register on BBK AND YOU (“BBK ETA ZU”) to be eligible for aid, and fill in the form.

The deadline for applications to the 2019 BBK Aid Programme expired on 22 February.

 For further information on the assessment criteria, the requirements for participants and the documentation required, consult the Basic Conditions.