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By way of a commitment to state-of-the-art research and innovation in health sciences, in December 2017 BBK joined the Biocruces Health Research Institute’s General Assembly as the first private institution to form part of the management body.

Biocruces was created in 2008, with the aim of promoting research into biomedicine, epidemiology, public health and health services, and also providing a scientific basis for health system programmes and policies, boosting the quality of health services, and the integration of clinical practices with state-of-the-art scientific, and transferring this to the business fabric.

From the outset, the Institute established a network of alliances with the main biotechnology agents in the Basque County, among which agreements with CIC bioGUNE, the Basque Applied Mathematics Centre (BCAM), Ikerbasque and Achucarro.


Plaza de Cruces 12, 48903. Barakaldo

Phone numbers

946 18 26 22

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