Walking up the Pagasarri mountain

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The pleasure of a mountain walk is a unique sensation for rambling enthusiasts, and it can only be bettered if the mountain is Bilbao’s most famous, Pagasarri. A magical experience organised by BBK since 1991.

The mythical climb is now part of Bilbao tradition, and for many people it constitutes a quasi-mandatory pre-Christmas pilgrimage in the city. After participants have reached the summit, standing at an altitude of 682 metres, they can tuck into a traditional “hamaiketako” midday snack of tortilla sandwiches and chorizo cooked in cider, washed down with wine, consommé and water.

This traditional walk is much more than just an outing. The Pagasarri walk is a genuine homage to all Bizkaia’s mountains, which make this such a unique place.