BBK and the Bizkaia Provincial Council present Eup!

As of next spring, the local businesses in Bizkaia will have their own space to position and extend their digital business opportunities. A new platform designed to improve competitiveness and to tackle the immediate challenges of the local sector and will be called Eup!. It was presented this morning by the President of BBK, Xabier Sagredo, and the Deputy General of Bizkaia, Unai Rementeria.

The President of BBK as well as the Deputy General have placed Eup! within a more extensive project to move forward decisively towards the transformation and digitization of local trade addressing the challenges to the sector of new consumer habits and the emergence of new sales and promotion channels. In this sense, the initiative is projected as a necessary complement to the physical store and places emphasis on training and accompanying the store owners in order to tap into the full potential offered by the digital environment and new marketing channels.

The President of BBK, Xabier Sagredo, defended the sustainable model of competitiveness for Bizkaia, incorporating environmental, social and governance criteria in all its corporate policies; shying away from a model of competitiveness based on price and committed to innovation, quality and excellence as a means of differentiation; developing talent, creativity and contribute to generating quality employment, favouring taxation in Bizkaia and operating with an approach that guarantees the respect and preservation of the environment. He encouraged shop owners to take full advantage of this project, business must pursue an omnichannel strategy to ensure customers with an fully integrated experience in contact and interaction points (physical and digital) he also addressed the people of Bizkaia ensuring them that they are the key, every time a person from Bizkaia decides to buy something he or she is choosing the model of Bizkaia he or she wants.

The Deputy General, Unai Rementeria, for his part, has asked the store owners to take full advantage of the opportunities the digital transformation process has to offer and also called upon citizens to consume locally, in a deliberate and responsible manner. Rementeria is committed to Eup! as a major opportunity to strengthen local businesses. Local businesses, as well as being local, have to be digital. Because their key value continues to be their local nature: their proximity, trust, humanity. We wish to also offer these values digitally, from the physical store. We still need the physical stores. Stores that open their doors every day, shed light on our streets, fill our towns with life and continue fostering personal relationships. But to make all of this possible, we also need to go digital. Because customers want the comfort of the digital experience and the local businesses need to benefit from its advantages: better management of storage, stocks, orders, logistics, invoicing… All this also means the digitization of local businesses, he ensured.

The Eup! platform will be managed by BBK and the next few months will be used to kick-start the adhesion, consulting and training process. An endeavour undertaken in close collaboration with the trade associations of Bizkaia and the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce, whose representatives accompanied Sagredo and Rementeria to present the new digital brand. BBK and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia have evaluated that the development and launching of this major digital transformation project will require an investment of 3 million euros in three years. This amount includes consulting, digitization, training, technology, support and accompanying the businesses, among others, and both entities will bear the costs.

The information and project adhesion application period for businesses commences on the 18th of January. From then on, the first digital diagnoses will be performed in order to schedule the planning and begin providing training to the initial participants in February.

Eup! is seen as a large shopping centre where to find and buy products conveniently and intuitively, perform secure transactions and choose the manner in which we wish to collect or receive the products we purchase. All from the close and nearby environment that can only be offered by local businesses. A digital shopping centre that will also contribute to stimulate the business and employment in Bizkaia with a minimum environmental impact thanks to the use of nearby and sustainable logistics networks.