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"What you do not define, you cannot improve. If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. What is not improved, is always degraded" Lord Kelvin, British physicist and mathematician (1824 – 1907)
BBK keeps a firm commitment on maximizing its impact in Bizkaia: we are clearly determined to succeed in focussing our foundation's strategy on generating positive and lasting changes in our environment.

Achieving the greatest possible contribution by meeting our foundational purposes is what guides our activity. In order to succeed in maximising our contribution, we need to be able to assess this impact and value to what extent this contribution is leading to an improvement for the inhabitants of Bizkaia and to their quality of life. Convinced that what you cannot measure you cannot improve, BBK has decided to implement a defined impact assessment methodology, following a specific systematic process.

In addition, this social impact management culture is promoted and extended to collaborators, suppliers and other foundations, professionalising decision making and the management of initiatives for those organisations striving to improve their impact.

  • It is a way of placing value on the results of our activity.

  • It provides valuable information for communicating the advances and achievements to our stakeholders (users, families, staff, partners, volunteers …)

  • It enables us to learn about the effectiveness of our actions and the efficiency of the resources allocated to an activity and establish measures to correct/promote dynamics.

  • It is a path for professionalising the management which is highly valued by possible collaborators or co-financiers, who often have to choose what project to support and demand objective information to help them make decisions.

  • It requires prior planning to help better dimension the resources, efforts and needs linked to the development of an activity, contributing to improve its development and subsequent monitoring.