People Because Bizkaia belongs to all its men and women, and is for all its men and women. Let’s move forward together towards a more equal and cohesive society.
People are the cornerstone of our society

People are the power to make decisions, to grow and to make a society progress lies in them. Cohesion and well-being are the priorities that BBK is working on in this regard. Because only an egalitarian society in which everyone is equal and has the same opportunities can make our province stronger.

In this sense, BBK is working with the aim of favouring the integration and well-being of the non-working or disadvantaged population through their social and labour-force participation. It is also working to continue supporting the inclusion and social participation of the disabled and mentally ill in Bizkaia, by placing special emphasis in this period on access to ordinary jobs and on women.

We also support the active aging of the people in Bizkaia, their participation in society and their personal development, and gender equality in a sustained and coherent manner, by focusing on equality in the workplace and youth and we provide support for families, as the cornerstone of our province. Along the same lines, we are also convinced that we should continue to fight against exclusion in Bizkaia by working together with the tertiary sector.