BBK taking care to promote the inclusion of elderly people in society.

Adulthood is a natural stage of life in which people usually have more free time to enjoy. Time that can be used by participating in different activities to improve well-being, a healthy lifestyle, as well as improving social relations. The goal behind active and healthy ageing is to extend the quality and expectancy of life at advanced ages, improving their daily experience.
BBK has taken this factor into account and has provided society with 10 elder people centres in different in different towns. BBK offers places for organised online activities to foster personal development, healthy habits or artistic expression.

The BBK Sasoiko klubak have had a great track record within BBK’s Social Welfare activity. The origin of the centres, dates back to 1965, when the savings banks predecessors of BBK began implementing these types of centres to provide care and responding to the social needs the collective of elderly people had at that time.

The objective of such centres is to offer services that contribute to the development of the sense of social belonging and providing the exchange of life experiences. The centres are meeting and relational spaces where elderly people get together to gain and acquire knowledge and qualities as well as social relations, to help them improve their physical and emotional situation, and have a new outlook on life.


Given the health emergency situation caused by COVID-19, the BBK Sasoiko klubak will remain closed until the health situation allows us to open them again with all the safety assurances, and although they remain closed, we have not stopped working to improve them and offer society a different model of centre. The centres and activities have adapted, redefined, in order to adapt them to the new Covid situation. Incorporating safety measures such as automatic tap fixtures, disinfectant mats, thermal cameras…, the spaces and capacities have been redefined to ensure they are safe. Additionally, a series of online activities have been placed at the service of the society of Vizcaya assisting in promoting independence, health, activities to prevent the digital divide and activities to prevent unwanted loneliness.

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