BBK's close connection with the primary sector of Bizkaia, leads to many actions and initiatives to ensure the viability of a key sector for the economy, agricultural diversity, respect for the environment and sustainable consumption. BBK Azoka is a BBK project aimed at promoting further awareness and dissemination of the agricultural activity of Bizkaia's farmers.

It is a direct channel which started off with 55 producers, supplying vegetables, cheese, honey, canned fish, meat, local sausage products, cider and txakolí­ wine, among others.

The BBK Azoka project is also a showcase for Bizkaia’s agricultural production model. This consists of small farms where the owners take great care during all stages of the process to create a high-quality finished product. The site also has information on the calendar of agricultural fairs, reports and interviews with producers, recipes with products in season, and a section for any producers who wish to join this open scheme.


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