BBK's Social Work is committed to sustainability and caring for the environment, which is why since 2010 we have been working on the BBK Basoa project in collaboration with the Lurgaia Foundation, a reforestation project in the mountains of Bizkaia.

This initiative arose as a result of the BBK’s Climb Pagasarri project, in which, for every person who signs up for the climb, a tree is planted in the BBK Forest, which covers more than 3 hectares of land.

What species of tree is planted in BBK Basoa?

The species planted in BBK Basoa are native: beech, holly, ash, hawthorn, oak and birch. The planting of these species leads to greater resistance to pests and diseases and a longer life for the tree.

The reforestation of the various forests in Bizkaia is carried out in different calls throughout the year, in which any Bizkaians who are interested can take part.

Why is it important to reforest the forests?

Jon Hidalgo, a member of the Lurgaia Foundation, told us that:

It is no longer enough to preserve what we have, we need to start restoring our forests as far as possible.


Several locations of Bizkaia


Throughout the year