BBK Bootcamp
BBK has started up its first ‘coding bootcamp' in the Basque Country. This is a new mandatory capacitation system, allowing students to acquire all the professional competences they require for ID development over a period of three months.

BBK has wide experience with grants and training. Empowerment and employability in Bizkaia are priority concerns for the bank; and so it analyses major trends and success stories in other countries. In this specific case it spent several months studying ‘bootcamps’, and many successful examples of these can be found in the United States.

BBK sought out a strategic partner with experience in this field, Code4Jobs, to set up the first of these projects in the Basque Country. The first offer, in fact, will be a ‘coding bootcamp’.

The main objective of the coding bootcamp is to reduce the gap between supply and demand for jobs which require digital skills, teaching these skills to prepare trainees for the best possible employment insertion. The BBK Bootcamp programme is based on three areas: socio-emotional capacitation, technical capacitation and employment capacitation. Students will learn how to learn and how to programme by programming. In other words, the bootcamp will give them the tools for easy adaptation to any changes in the digital market, and teach them to programme in an extremely practical way, with no need to fill up their time with exams.