BBK provides the BBK Ekin project providing you with the best support resources and services in order for entrepreneurs in Bizkaia to dedicate themselves exclusively to their business project.

BBK Ekin is a support programme for business projects aimed at entrepreneurs committed to start up their business and thereby encouraging the economic development of Bizkaia. The projects selected will access a strong support programme for entrepreneurs and receive monthly economic aid for two years so that their only concern is to focus on developing their project and making the company get off the ground.

BBK Ekin is aimed at entrepreneurs of any age residing in Bizkaia, or those wishing to return to Bizkaia to start up an innovative business project.

  • Projects that are not yet constituted; and if they are, they should not have any activity

  • The area of ??action can be of any scope

  • With a perspective of responsibility and social impact and connection with the territory of Bizkaia

What does it offer?
Promotor salary

The selected projects will be granted financial aid equivalent to a monthly salary of 2,000€ for two years so that you can dedicate yourself exclusively to your project.

Participation in the share capital

We offer you the option of becoming, if you wish, minority partners of your project, in order for your innovative business to get underway and develop.

Administration and consultancy

A free continued consultancy service will be provided in order to start up your idea.


Internationally renowned professionals in the scope of your project will act as mentors to help make your project grow.

Register as Entities and Businesses although you are not yet set up as such.

Phone number

94 685 94 00


Gran Ví­a, 19-21

First edition winners


Develops high-quality Km0 food products (for example, chicken stock or hamburgers) through the upgrading of high-value raw materials from the Basque primary sector.


An innovative technology for carrying out thermochemical processes to provide value to wastes that are currently non-recycled. The solution is called HECO (High Efficiency Contact). Thanks to the improved contact, complex wastes can be treated so they can be placed into the production chain again (through processes such as drying and pyrolysis).


Inbizi is developing an affordable-priced electronic medication dispenser, capable of dispensing the correct medicine with little patient intervention and minimum caregiver management by means of wireless technology. The dispenser alerts the dependent and/or poly-medicated person of the medication intake, and alerts the caregiver in the case the medicine has not been taken, to ensure the person does not overmedicate.


Roseo proposes the development of an urban wind generation system free from noise and vibrations, making it compatible with habitability. The design enables it to be fully manufactured in the closest surroundings, significantly reducing its carbon footprint. The project also incorporates a committed integrated service which includes: the study of the wind potential, feasibility, management, installation and maintenance.

What is BBK EKIN?

BBK EKIN is a support programme for supporting innovative entrepreneurship, aimed at entrepreneurs residing in Bizkaia (or originally from Bizkaia who are living abroad wishing to return and do business in Bizkaia) who want to develop their business projects in the territory.

BBK EKIN provides the most powerful support services for promoting and encouraging the creation, start up and development of innovative business projects which, from a market feasibility and sustainability logic, integrate the perspective of social responsibility and are linked to the territory.

Who promotes BBK EKIN?

The BBK EKIN Programme is an initiative designed and promoted by the BBK Foundation.
The BBK Foundation has been contributing to the economic development and social cohesion of Bizkaia for over a century. Our Social Welfare activity is provided with resources to promote talent and entrepreneurship, and every year thousands of people participate and benefit from the BBK programmes oriented to training and the creation of businesses.

Who can participate?

The tender is aimed mainly at entrepreneurs who meet the following requirements:

Persons who are legal residents in Bizkaia or persons from Bizkaia who currently live abroad and wish to return.
Be over 18 years of age on the date the application is made.
Have the intention of developing and starting up a business project in Bizkaia.
Candidatures may be submitted individually or as a group.
At least one person must have full-time availability to develop the project.

What type of projects are eligible?

Eligible projects must meet the following characteristics:

They must be market business projects in any sector of activity, which are feasible and have potential for success.
Priority will be given to business projects that can contribute to the economy and society of Bizkaia after receiving support for their start up and launching.
They must approach their development within Bizkaia and with a local and/or international projection.
They must include the social component, an essential element in BBK’s DNA.
They must not be in operation. NOTE: projects that are commercially established but without activity will be accepted as valid.

What is meant by perspective of social responsibility and link to the territory?

The BBK EKIN Programme seeks to support new business projects that address the voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns of Bizkaia in its commercial operations, production processes and/or relationships with their customers, suppliers, workers, … The perspective of social responsibility and link to the territory means the decisions made in the future business will be adopted with a view, not only on maximizing profits, but also on the long-term sustainability of the project and its positive impact on Bizkaia.

By way of example, some examples that may illustrate the integration of social responsibility and their link with the territory are mentioned below:

Business projects that propose a better response to the challenges of Bizkaia’s society, such as the increasing age of the population, supporting the professional development of young people, or supporting family reconciliation.
Business projects that propose a feasible alternative to the care and sustainability of the environment, promoting education or access to information, etc.
Business projects that give priority in their staff and/or operations to people from Bizkaia with labour insertion problems, people with special skills, women from Bizkaia in professional fields in which they are under-represented and/or immigrants.