The BBK Family project aims to help families in Bizkaia in raising their children to enable them to develop their full potential; and hopes to be a benchmark resource in Bizkaia in the field of primary prevention.

Made up of a team of expert professionals in the fields of psychology, pedagogy and education, BBK Family provides various services for families through its web site so that these can be of use to them throughout their lives.

Another aim of BBK Family is to create awareness about the needs of families so that these can be met with quality services; this is why it launches studies that add value and can be implemented in family policies and in educational institutions and also encourages aware-raising campaigns.

Finally, this project has a physical space called the DOME, where they can experiment, play and enjoy themselves improving family skills and relationships. This DOME travels around different towns in Bizkaia, although due to the pandemic, this service is not active at the moment.

Through all these services, BBK Family tries to provide a response to situations that families face in the everyday lives, improving educational skills and strengthening the socio-educational community.

Training content available at BBK Family

Through the BBK Family Learning platform, which now has more than a thousand users. This platform offers a wide-ranging catalogue of courses, that consist of short audiovisual training pills and practical sessions supervised by tutors. Apart from these services there is also customised online counselling, because throughout their life process, mothers and fathers have doubts and concerns (baby sleep, fears, tantrums, conflicts that arise during adolescence, use of technologies, separations…) that they need to resolve on a more case-by-case basis.

BBK Family training days and activities

Channel with Videos by experts, in which they provide the keys to improve the skills needed to raise children. Along the same lines, articles are published by various professionals with subjects that focus on how to improve this process.

Where families can find books, stories, games, films… to have fun and as support for subjects that they would like to address with their children.

BBK Family also organises educational events, workshops to improve skills, talks, conferences, webinars…in which they bring about meetings between families and professionals where as well as providing keys to improving the parenting process, they can raise their concerns directly.
However in Bizkaia there are also institutions, associations and professionals that organise workshops and talks, among other activities, that may prove to be interesting for families. BBK Family also tries to serve as a vehicle for these organisations, and through its agenda disseminates what is being done in Bizkaia. In due course, families will also be able to find these organisations, institutions and professionals in a resource guide, where they will appear after meeting certain quality criteria.


Interview with Pepa Horno about emotional bonding

Pepa Horno is an independent psychology consultant specialising in childhood, emotional and protective issues. She is also a member of Grupo Espirales Consultorí­a de la Infancia (Espirales Children’s Consulting Group).

Interview with Susana Brignoni about adolescence

Susana Brignoni is a psychologist and coordinator of the clinical care service for children and adolescents under guardianship in Barcelona, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Nou Barris Foundation for mental health. She is also the clinical supervisor of teams dedicated to caring for children and adolescents, mental health rehabilitation and women victims of gender violence.

Interview with Montse Plaza about gender violence

Montse Plaza is President of the Conexus Association, which brings together psychologists specialising in family relations who research male violence.

Interview with Tania Sánchez about nutrition