BBK Grants

For over 20 years BBK has been boosting young people’s employability through a powerful programme of grants for training and internships which has enabled thousands of young people to specialise and develop professionally.

In our quest to help to build a more competitive, innovative and knowledge-based society we have tried to encourage the growth and development of talent in Bizkaia and to help to promote employability through professional training, grants for training and self-employment projects.

Throughout all these years we have promoted a wide range of programmes both directly and in collaboration with other organisations in our province that have impacted on more than 12,700 people.   The average annual budget per year has been 1,750,337 € and the annual average investment per person has been 3,175 €.

With the aim of contributing to the professional development of people in Bizkaia, at BBK we offer numerous grants throughout the year:

  • Grants for local and international studies
  • Internship programmes
  • Research grants

Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements of grants!