BBK Karpin Fauna
BBK Karpí­n Fauna is a shelter for illegal wildlife trafficking seizures, abandoned pets, irrecoverable native fauna from recovery centres and other similar sources.

The park as such, was inaugurated in May 1995 and is a centenary property of 20 hectares, with a view over one of the most stunning valleys in the Basque geography, BBK Karpí­n Fauna is an exceptional shelter for more than 55 different species, the result of 3,500 million years of evolution.

Since the year 2000, the park has been centred on developing several lines of work focussing on information and education in terms of environmental conservation and sustainability, particularly as regards fauna and flora.

As from 2003, the Park expands its activity with new Thematic Areas addressing the evolution of the species concept and giving rise to KARPIN ABENTURA.

BBK Karpí­n Fauna is undoubtedly a center for responsible leisure and tourism, a family excursion, and a center in which to learn how we should behave in the natural milieu and be committed to sustainability.