BBK Sasoiko
BBK Foundation has created the BBK Sasoiko space aimed at offering activities and promoting the participation of people who are coming to the end of their working lives but who seek to continue active, contribute to society and achieve self-fulfilment. Ultimately this project seeks to extend the socially productive phase of people once they have terminated their working life.

BBK has inaugurated a new space in the Old Quarter of Bilbao so that people who have already retired or are about to, can participate in different activities, receive training, provide ideas and develop them.
The centre has five areas for users to capitalise on these activities. The different Sasoiko spaces will host courses and activities for adults enabling the people participating to develop their capacity to project ideas learn and innovate. Active retirement workshops will be organised and cultural events, as well as theatre, dramatized readings and training for developing digital skills.

IKASGUNE - Sasoiko Space for training

Space for training

The objective of these workshops is to learn about current topics to help you improve your quality of life, deal with your personal challenges and face your future with the best mechanisms. These activities are organised to train those people who want to be the driving force behind projects.

INNOVAGE - Sasoiko space for innovation

Space for generating initiatives

A laboratory for reflecting, generating knowledge generation and creating initiatives seeking to provide solutions to the main challenges of our society. A place for challenging yourself, searching for solutions to specific problems and designing social and community development initiatives.

BBK ESPERIENTZIAK - Sasoiko Space for experiences

Space for experiences

Giving you the opportunity to participate and enjoy experiences you’ve always wanted to have but have been unable to do. Awaiting you are activities related to art, fashion, sports… and much more.

KULTURA - Sasoiko Space for culture

Space for culture

Take a different approach to culture.
Teatro (Itziar Lazkano). We are looking for people interested in participating in the project of creating a team to carry out micro performances (max. 15 min) related to issues such as ageing or that are highly topical and perform them wherever we are requested.
o Physical location in Bizkaia.
o Schedule: in-person one day a week in the afternoon.
We are looking for volunteers, preferably retirees or early retirees (we are not closed to intergenerational profiles) who are interested in training in the performing arts so that, once trained, they can participate in performances in educational centres, social centres, etc. with a view to generating knowledge on issues related to ageing or highly topical issues that can be easier to convey through the performing arts.
Desired group 20 people.
The ideal people for this proposal are those who are eager to learn about theatre and who are committed to using what they’ve learnt as a tool to make known, educate and feed into the debate on ageing or highly topical issues.
The people interested will have to:
o Set up a group of at least 20 people.
o Commit themselves to train in a theatre workshop.
o Perform at least three micro performances before an audience.
o Know how to work in a team.
o Define and specify the topics of the micro performances.
What is offered:
o Spaces for training and rehearsing.
o Form part of the theatre workshop organised by BBKSASOIKO.
o A tour/tournee through several municipalities in Bizkaia.
o The possibility of drawing the best from yourself in terms of theatricalization for a good social cause.
Basic or desired requirements.
o Not being ashamed and wanting to perform in public.
o People who are prepared to learn the performing arts in a course taught by renowned professionals in this field.
Dramatized readings. Carmen Pardo, will teach us to tackle the possibilities of reading texts of all types of genres: poetry, prose, plays, from a performing perspective. Dramatized readings provide a very interesting educational tool to feel the experience of performing before an audience. The advantage of not having to learn the text by heart enables one to address it in depth and face the audience in a composed way. The work will be carried out individually and as a group, creating shared reading games. The aim is to go from less to more, starting by reading brief texts and moving on to a full theatre play. The project will be integrated into the subjects being taken by participants such as acting, voice and movement included in the project. The texts will be studied like musical scores and focussing on the staging of the dramatized reading. This enables participants to be prepared to approach the performing of the texts proposed through expressive reading, namely, with all the wealth of nuances each person is capable of giving, expressing his/her own individuality, strengthening his/her self-esteem and presence within the group. There will be two-hour weekly sessions throughout the entire course. The project includes the participation in the workshop for training and the commitment of the participants to generate material that may be of use for the different purposes pursued by BBKSASOIKO or for collaborating with other social stakeholders.
In feel Enthusiastic about the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum simple questions will be asked to begin with: Who are the artists that make up the different Guggenheim collections? How many collections do you think there are: as many as Guggenheim museums? New York, Venice, Bilbao… And what about the building? Is it still an international architectural landmark? A downpour of questions to delve into the key issues of the History of Art, and make you feel enthusiastic of having the chance to enjoy exceptional works of modern and contemporary art in Bilbao and learn in a collaborative and participative atmosphere, in which the different opinions and criteria of the participants are of equal value.

BBK BALIOAK - Sasoiko Space for values

Space for debate

Participate in our debates (physical and virtual), where we address different issues using an open dialogue methodology, led by persons of recognised prestige in each field.


The BBK Sasoiko centre is located on Calle Ronda s/n, in the Old Quarter of Bilbao.
For further information you may contact us by calling on telephone number 94 416 46 46 or the following button:
We offer the possibility of participating in-person or virtually, so that those people who live far from the centre of the capital of Bizkaia may also enjoy this new space. Thanks to this format, those people who participate in BBK activities for over 55-year olds may:
Respond to their concerns and urge of self-realization
Place value on the contribution they can give to society
Bring together common interests, actions and efforts with other people
Encourage the potential of each person by, at times promoting actions, and in others, receiving them
Promote and foster open and intergenerational actions
Generate ideas, initiatives and projects that incentivize social participation
The Sasoiko philosophy does not intend to compete against the current model offered by the existing retirement centres and homes, it wishes to be an alternative complement to said model, in which its good practices may be extrapolated to other BBK centres.