BBK SOINU BERRIAK BBK Soinu Berriak is a competition aimed at young musicians who are taking their first steps in the world of music.

Music is culture and that is why BBK supports young people who are just starting out in this world through the competition for up-and-coming bands and musical artists, BBK Soinu Berriak. This aims to provide an opportunity to stand out and perform in a venue with the highest professional level and the very best acoustics to promote and make them better known. To do this, it makes its musical infrastructure, the Sala BBK, available to artists and groups from Bizkaia.

Requirements for taking part in the BBK Soinu Berriak

  • You must be registered as being resident in Bizkaia, and in the case of musical groups, at least one member of the band must be registered as a resident in this province.
  • You cannot have a record contract still in force.
  • Bands from any musical genre are accepted: pop, soul, rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Trap, Surf, Garage, Electronica, Metal, Folk…).

It will also be especially taken into account that groups perform original songs, with a distinctive character and display the potential, the talent and the charisma of the members of the group.

Prize for the winner of BBK Soinu Berriak

The winning group or artist will record an EP with four of their songs and a video; they will also play at the Bizkaia BIME Live International Music Experience.

BBK also provides the financial resources that they need so that, when the competition is over, all the participants have some audiovisual material that will really open doors in their musical career. This material consists of producing and editing all the songs performed throughout the competition in video format, and recording, mixing and mastering the audio of the complete concert.

How to register for BBK Soinu Berriak

When the registration period is open for BBK Soinu Berriak, you must fill out the registration form and send it to, together with 3-5 tracks by the group or soloist in mp3, aiff or wav format.

For further information about the BBK Soinu Berriak competition, you can get in touch with the people in charge of the project:

First BBK Soinu Berriak competition

94 bands and artists from Bizkaia turned up at the first BBK Soinu Berriak competition held in 2019. A total of 12 groups were chosen from among all these: Pinpilinpussies (Rock), Las Selvas (Rock), Airu (Pop), The Owl Project (Pop), Los Chivatos de Ana Frank (Punk), Nekane (Pop-R&B), Sua (Rock), Perky Pat (Post Punk), Marban (Indie Pop), Bilbao Tropical (Rap), Dekot (Rock) and Omago (Folk Pop).

The groups that had been selected performed in the Sala BBK on the 11th and 25th of April, and on the 9th and 30th of May 3 bands/artists played each day. The groups were judged by a jury of experts who took into account the participants’ originality, personality, potential, talent and charisma. The competition jury was made up of Eli?as Monreal (Last Tour/ Meyo Records/ Encarta Club), Oihane Aldayturriaga (head of the Culture Department at BBK), Deu Txakartegi (Director of the Competition and a member of the band, WAS), Julen Alberdi (Vulk) and Iker Ba?rbara (Zarata-Mondosonoro).

The final was held on the 20th of June with the best three bands: Airu (Pop), Los Chivatos de Ana Frank (Punk) and Omago (Folk Pop); the latter were the winners.