BBK Udalekuak
As part of the social action carried out by BBK in terms of education, with the new approach set up back in 1983, the BBK Udalekuak programme was set in motion, by way of Summer Camps, in order to further broaden the values of coexistence through training, sports and leisure activities with nature as the core axis.

Since the beginning, its objective has been to promote education for leisure, by acting upon the recreational and environmental dimension. With this initiative, BBK aims to help reconciling labour and family life during the summer months, offering a special place for enjoying constructive leisure and combining its activities with a beneficial and sustainable use of nature.

BBK Udalekuak activities are carried out in the BBK Urdabai center, located in Busturia, right in the heart of Urdaibai, a beautiful natural space declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and one of the main active leisure references for the families of the territory.
In its 37th edition (2020, Covid-19), BBK redirected its activities to turn environment-related SDGs (and particularly with climate change) into its core axis. In addition, English was included as the language of communication as well as Basque (and Spanish in the corresponding shift), given the activities related to the environment and sustainability were to be held in English.

They were based on three programmes:

Klima aldaketa

Working with active play, comics and other recreational-artistic activities on the concepts of climate change, the expected impacts, as well as the implications for nature and our way of life.

CO murrizten

Carrying out the same approach on energy, mobility topics and their relationship with climate change by way of workshops, physical activities such as sailing or bike outings and handicrafts.

Natura eta klima

For working on the importance of conserving nature as an intelligent way of fighting against climate change and increasing “resilience” (or the capacity of adapting to, or recovering from, the impacts of climate change) by way of aquatic activities or thematic excursions.