BBK Venture Philanthropy
Maximising social impact in Bizkaia

The BBK Venture Philanthropy Programme aims to encourage entrepreneurship and social and environmental impact investment in Bizkaia. For four months, the finalists will be able to access a customized acceleration programme developed together with Ship2B, as well as a specific fund to finance this programme provided by BBK worth 100,000€.

What do we offer you?


Customised acceleration programme worth 30,000€/project.


Network of top-level mentors to provide support in developing the project.


Strategic partnerships with important organisations in your sector.


Venture Philanthropy Fund with 100K€ launched by BBK. Possibility of accessing additional funds / investment vehicles.

Finalists in the second year

Insekt label:

An insecticulture project for the development of functional and sustainable foods in the form of soluble concentrates of bioactive peptides (protein) for underprivileged targets.

The Good Riders

First delivery and last-mile delivery platform focussed on offering service to 70% of people with disabilities on staff and electric vehicles (initially bicycles and electric motorcycles).


Helps organisations to take their Social Responsibility to the next level with a series of technological solutions allowing them to be more sustainable and increasing their positive social and environmental impact. This is done by analysing impact data, generating sustainability reports, managing corporate volunteering, etc.


Provides schools and universities access to laboratories and real education equipment, through the Internet, mainly covering the fields of physics, technology and engineering, although the platform could cover many more fields.

Finalists in the first year

Wats has an innovative methodology, inspired by Finland, based on training in values to eradicate violence in sport.

Kuvu is an accommodation platform that puts youngsters in touch with elderly people who have free spaces in their homes, to create intergenerational relationships.

Through the Segureskola accreditation for schools, Gaptain trains schools and families in the 3 pillars that support people’s digital wellbeing: Cyber-secure environments, Digital competence and Supervisory and security technology.

Life Kontainer has developed a container that facilitates the conservation and handling of food products in Sub-Saharan Africa. They also employ migrants in Bilbao and people from each region where the product has been introduced.