The Bertsozale Elkartea encourages, researches and ensures the transmission and future of bertsolarismo(Improvised Basque verse singing).

This association defines its activity as a cultural project in which the Bertsolaris and enthusiasts of this discipline act as a single agent. The employees and volunteers at Bertsozale Elkartea work with cultural associations, public and private institutions and collaborate with the media to reach as many citizens as possible

BBK Young Bertsolaris Championship of Bizkaia

BBK has collaborated with Bertsozale Elkartea and Bertsolarismo Ikastolen Elkartea since 1992 to hold the BBK Young Bizkaia Bertsolaris Championship. This initiative is committed to Basque culture and the traditional linguistic manifestations of the Basque Country, and it does so through holding this competition. The aim of BBK Sariketa is to promote the use of Basque, especially among the young.

Format of the BBK Young Bertsolaris Championship of Bizkaia

The competition is held in a team format with a total of eight groups, with six bertsolaris in each of them.

One of the strong points of a competition like the BBK Young Bizkaia Bertsolaris Championship is the opportunity that it provides the younger bertsolaris with to test and challenge themselves.

If you want to know more about the history of bertsolarismo, consult here.