Bilbao Fine Arts Museum
The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum is a real gem and a benchmark institution in the world of art that BBK has supported since 1970. The art gallery conserves and disseminates its collections of ancient, modern and contemporary art to enrich and help to educate society and project the values of Bizkaia.
  • Temporary exhibitions such as the current Masterpieces from the Valdes collection or the forthcoming Mendiburu. Matter and memory. 2021
  • Permanent ABC. The Museum Alphabet to mark its 110th anniversary
Collaboration between the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum and BBK

The cooperation agreement between BBK and the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum guarantees that the various exhibitions, programmes and activities will continue to be held so that this art can be preserved and exhibited and the collections can continue to prosper and grow.

One of the outstanding programmes in this agreement is the BBK/Museum Programme which makes it possible to develop a programme of temporary exhibitions and various activities. The agreement also includes the development of educational tours, the BBK-Museum research grants programme, and the series of lectures in collaboration with the Friends of the Prado Museum Foundation.

The Museum also makes its collection available to BBK, so that the Foundation can organise temporary exhibitions in spaces outside the museum.

BBK Art Grants

BBK and the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum also have a grants programme with the aim of collaborating in research about the museum collections and studies on Basque art and culture. In this way, we are continuing to support studies and research about artists, works and collections.

Other Bilbao Fine Arts Museum programmes

With the aim of being an open participative space, the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum offers an educational programme aimed at the general public, in order to enhance knowledge. Both adults and children can take part in this programme and they can come with their family or with the school.

The aim of this dynamic is to establish a link between the museum and the interests of its visitors, in order to produce proposals that make people appreciate the museum as a place where you can learn things.

Finally, the art gallery also has a Friends of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum programme, with benefits like preferential access and participation in the activities at the museum. This also offers a catalogue with digital publications, an on-line document management system, an image bank and a library with catalogues of exhibitions, and documents from various disciplines about museology.


Plaza Museo 2, 48009 Bilbao


Daily 10:00-20:00