Durango Fair, meeting place of Basque culture We are working together at BBK and the Durango Fair to make the book fair more inclusive each year.
Durangoko Azoka

The first Durango Basque Book and CD/Record Fair was held in 1965 organised by the newly-founded Gerediaga Elkartea with the aim of publicising the literary output of the Basque Country. The Durango Fair has now become a compulsory annual event for lovers of culture.

In 2019 the 54th Durango Fair was held and had a total of 264 exhibitors who presented 405 new items: 273 books, 91 records, 16 magazines, 5 audio-visual items and 20 miscellaneous products. Furthermore, 14 self-producers took part in the self-production space with CD/records, books and audiovisual items.

Kultura, guztion eskura (Culture, accesible to all)

In its quest to achieve a more egalitarian Bizkaia, the Durango Fair and BBK have been working together for 2 years to ensure a more inclusive and accessible fair through the “Kultura, guztion eskura” programme.

This project aims to ensure that everyone who visits the Fair can enjoy Basque culture without any restrictions. On the other hand, the programme also has the aim of publicising experiences that work on inclusiveness in the cultural sphere.

To do this, since 2017, BBK has organised various activities for all the differently abled people who visit the Durango Book Fair: guided tours with small groups that offer a diagnosis of the shortcomings that the Fair has in this respect, and receive contributions and opinions from visitors; presentations of the cultural experiences that exist in the Basque Country, etc.

BBK Stand at the Durango Fair

Each year BBK has a stand where you can find out about the Kultura, guztion eskura programme and consult books in Braille written in Basque and various audiobooks, in collaboration with the ONCE Foundation.