The BBK Nursery Schools, whose origins go back to 1929, provide a service for families in Bizkaia with children between 0 and 2 years of age. These kindergartens complement the service provided by institutions in the field of education and aim to help to achieve a satisfactory balance between work and family life.

At the BBK nursery schools we want to form part of your children’s early years by guiding them in their emotional, physical and social development; covering all their needs in a safe, trusting and comfortable atmosphere.

How they are run

There are currently two BBK Nursery Schools: one in Bilbao in the Calle Marqués Laurenci?n, 1 (Santutxu) and another in Getxo (Ezequiel Agirre, 21 – Romo). Both schools have the facilities needed to encourage top-quality bilingual care for infants who are just taking their first steps in their school years, and are open from September to July, from 7:30 to 18:00.

Furthermore, through the total commitment shown by their education professionals and by providing appropriate spaces to create an environment that facilitates their individual and collective development, nursery schools offer boys and girls stimuli that encourage their intellectual, physical and social development.


The origins of the Nursery schools go back to the early 20th century. In the first few months of 1929 the Saving Bank agreed to take on the Gota de Leche (Drop of Milk) municipal home welfare services, run by the institution’s doctor, José? Entrecanales, and shortly afterwards it also took on the San Antonio Cradle House in Urazurrutia, a nursery that was to form part of the Montepi?o de la Mujer que Trabaja (Working Women’s Mutual Aid Society).

In the same year, the Bank launched two other projects: it opened a nursery and a children’s medical service in Bermeo, called the Children’s House, and set up a Family House, a women’s residence that came to be known as Villa de Bilbao, run by the same order of nuns that managed the Pedernales Residence.


For boys and girls born in 2021 and 2022.
For any further questions or information about enrolment or on how the nursery schools are run, please get in touch with the Nursery school you have chosen by telephone or e-mail.

T: 94 411 09 82
T: 94 655 78 23