Olentzero's home
The success of the Izenaduba forest lies in the changes in the visit

From a static guided tour we switched to a dramatized interactive visit, in which various mythological characters appeared during the visit. The experience that we have had over the years has taught us that meeting different characters during the visit makes it more enriching, because they are the guides in the story and boys and girls can interact with them. The games that are played with the characters throughout the visit also provide it with an intense dynamic, that visitors, parents and children can take part in. As a last resort, it becomes a plan for the family in which all those taking part can play a leading role.

"Interactive games run by BBK Iratxoa"

This app allows the BBK Social Projects spot to appear as soon as the app opens, as well as at the end or at both times, and it is possible, if you want, for different spots to appear. Up to now all BBK’s actions were intended for family visits, but it is now possible to use this app with schools. Schools run different workshops with mythological characters. From now on they will use these games instead of the workshops. Our idea is also to be on IOS and Android platforms.

Six spaces, six games
1. The witch's garden

In this space Galtzagorri is surrounded by the plant; in order to free him, families must identify different medicinal herbs and gather them in a basket.

2. The lamia's lake

The lamia was quietly combing her hair at her well and just when she was about to sing, the plant surrounded her and closed up her mouth, she can’t get the plant out of her mouth. In this game families will catch the lamia’s golden comb.

3. Basajaun's maze

Basajaun is walking about but cannot get out. The entrance to the maze will be surrounded by vegetation and rubbish. Making use of all its strength, the plant has taken all the rubbish that it has found in the woods inside the maze and Basajaun will be recycling it.

The plant has surrounded the cave, but it can’t get into it. A beautiful flower appears before the plant, it smells it and all its powers disappear.

Mari Domingi will be at the door of the farmhouse, the group will explain to her what has happened during the visit, and Mari Domingi will tell them that the plant has now disappeared thanks to them.

In the last area we will find the Olentzero in the farmhouse kitchen. In the last game families must arrange the Olentzero’s song. To finish his message:
«Naturaren doinuak, gure bizitzaren taupada» (The sounds of nature, the beat of our life)

As well as all this…

The simulator has changed and it has become a 4D simulator. This is why the SALA BBK 3D simulator will become the SALA BBK 4D simulator. The BBK Social Projects spot can now be placed at the start in the simulator screening. It doesn’t have to be the same spot that is on the app. So it will have the opportunity to show the different projects carried out by BBK’s Social Projects. It will be possible to place two on the app and also on the simulator, one at the beginning and another at the end.