kultura inklusiboa
Inclusive culture

BBK encourages inclusive culture, providing access to culture, bearing in mind the various structural factors that may create problems for enjoying this: economic situation, disability, age, gender, cultural origin,…

Fostering the coexistence and social inclusion of children and youngsters living in environments with a rich multicultural background but who are at risk of social exclusion, through a musical practice aimed at forming an orchestra, as an educational resource that will enable those taking part to achieve personal and collective enrichment, and to develop their artistic sensibility and a series of values.

This is a social inclusion project through art and culture aimed at children in situations where they are at risk of social exclusion, involving civil society through micro-sponsorship and personal guidance for each grant recipient

BBK promotes access to culture for underprivileged groups with the aim of encouraging them to discover and enjoy both the programmes and the exhibitions in Museums.