BBK Bizkaia Network Promoting the creation of projects with a high local commitment
BBK Bizkaia network is a BBK project in collaboration with the Urbegi Foundation aimed at promoting the creation of projects with a high local commitment and a collaborative work philosophy.

This project is set within the BBK strategic framework in order to support the economy and employment as well as promoting the digital transformation of Bizkaia. BBK with the BBK Bizkaia network project seeks to generate an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and contributing to the creation of economic wealth and social impact of Bizkaia.

Bizkaia Network, supporting collaborative projects

BBK Bizkaia network is integrated in an intelligent digital environment called Bizkaia Network which supports the creation of collaborative projects. This collaborative environment serves as a tool for the interconnection, monitoring and cooperation between all the stakeholders that form part of the creation of a new project: professionals from different areas, entrepreneurs, SMEs, institutions and investors and large corporations.

In addition, Bizkaia Network also provides a team of experts to the business projects that form part of the initiative who provide their training, consultancy, advisory and monitoring services. At present, Bizkaia Network has over 1,300 users and accommodates close to 600 projects of all types and sectors. The collaborative digital environment contains more than 50 conversational, learning and dialogue thematic spaces.

Conversely, from its creation, BBK Bizkaia network has organised around 40 group dynamics and in-person events. On the mid and long-term, the goal is for Bizkaia to have a differentiating instrument, that adds to the strategy of becoming a reference territory in technology and collaboration.

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