Mundualdatu Commitment to Improvement

The global initiative is an investment program that invests in innovative companies and has a social impact in the early stages.

Projects that require financial support to develop the project can be invested in capital, with the participation of minorities in the social capital of the company and, in any case, under 30 % of it and a minimum Ticket of 200,000 euros.

In BBK we are committed to people who work to create value for society and we do this by investing, financing and participating so that these projects can become a reality.

  • People committed to their project (full time)
  • With experience in the activity sector
  • Who are majority shareholders in their projects

We invest in growing projects that aim to finance a key stage in their expansion with a strategic partner. Each selected initiative will be supported by trying to meet the specific needs of each project, and these will be notified on an individual basis. The selection process is divided into two stages: registration of the project in the BBK platform, analysis and individual selection and resolution of the projects.

  • Innovative and/or technology-based
  • With its head office in Bizkaia
  • With economic profitability and international scalability
  • Social impact and creates jobs
  • Sustainable over time and monetizable
  • With a minimum monthly turnover of 10,000€
  • With an investor prior to this round

Financing will always be by participating in the project capital as a strategic partner, and never non-refundable grants.


  • Capital investment
  • Minority stakes <30%
  • Minimum investment 200,000€
  • Growing projects

Aquaradar is a water quality Early Warning system for the accurate real time monitoring of wastes, watercourses and water bodies, which generates reports and alarms.

Oncomatryx promotes the development of new personalised biological drugs aimed at targets located in the peritumoral stroma, a new and innovative form of cancer treatment, which seeks to attack not the tumour cells, but the cells that facilitate tumour invasiveness and resistance.

Begas, the first company to manufacture engines 100% EuroVI-D Autogas with liquid phase injection, approved for trucks and city buses.